In this article, you will learn about the steps of buying a home in America, which are:

 In this article, you will learn about the steps of buying a home in America, which are: 


Step 1: Find a Realtor - Real Estate Agent - How do you find the right real estate broker? 

Step 2: Explain to the real estate agent your priorities, budget, property specifications (area, number of rooms, bathrooms, outdoor yard...etc) 

Step 3: The stage of choosing the house, and signing the purchase contract with the seller.  

Step 4: Post-signing and ratification of the contract (home inspection period). 

Step 5 and final: close the deal. 


In fact, buying a home in the United States of America is easier than you think thanks to the tremendous information and technological development, and anyone can own a property in America regardless of their race, religion or even nationality; This is thanks to the American law that allows a foreigner to own and buy real estate without any restrictions.  

 If you are looking for a property to spend your vacation in America but do not know much about how to buy, or the steps that you should follow to search for real estate? And you need someone to guide you simply on how to buy real estate in simple and easy steps, especially if you have never traveled to America, and are thinking about spending a vacation, or even permanent residence there, so we will summarize in this guide how to buy real estate in America, and how to search for an ideal property that fits Your needs, and also help you choose the residential area that suits the nature of your life. 


First, find a suitable real estate agent 

Find a Realtor, Realtor: A real estate agent licensed by the National Association of Realtors  ( NAR ) , an association that regulates the behavior of real estate agents and sets ethical standards for them to operate. 

There are several ways to find a suitable real estate agent : 

  1. Use  to search for a suitable area or a distinctive residential location, and you can also use the Google or  Yahoo search engine, and then search for “ Realtor  , then browse within the site and search for real estate agents with the right type of Real estate that fits your needs. 


  1. Use websites like or to do a search and write down real estate brokers and connect with them later, or you can connect directly through the attached site with trusted real estate brokers, who can give you important information and advice based on your budget And your own standards for housing, and therefore the real estate agent will tell you all the procedures that you must follow, and also help you in buying a house that meets your needs.   

After selecting a suitable real estate agent, arrange a phone conversation or you can email a list of questions you would like clarification if you do not wish to speak directly with them. 


Second: Clarify your priorities to the real estate agent 

It's time to find a home 

By preparing a list of your own requirements, the more requirements you have, the narrower the pool of potential homes, so you should prioritize your requirements in a list consisting of "what should be available"?? and "what do you want"?? In addition to preparing a list also with "What you do not want"?? or "what do you hate"? 

 For example what I want is: a fenced yard, near the water, availability of a swimming pool, home garden, amenities, children's play area, internet availability...etc. 

Also specify the price range and the areas you want to live in, adding the minimum and maximum number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the size of the house (i.e. the number of square feet), and after you submit your requirements the real estate agent will search for the perfect house for you. 


Third: The stage of choosing the house 

 After clarifying all your requirements to the real estate agent, the agent will select more than one property for you that suits your requirements to choose among them, and also choose more than one property that will benefit you later when submitting an offer to buy the house . 


When you are sure of your choice of home, the realtor/agent can obtain a history of the home and perform  a Comparative Market Analysis ( CMA )  to give you information about what you are presenting in the purchase order. From Applicants to Buy, real estate agents and brokers generate reports to help buyers make competitive home ownership offers. 


The real estate agent will also advise on the right price that you should include inside the offer (home purchase offer) and will show you the strategies of the ideal offers . 


Note:  In America, if you want to buy a house, you must write a special offer explaining why you are applying to buy the house? (Your real estate agent will help you write it.) Why would the seller choose you out of all the applicants to own the house? 


Once you have completed the offer procedure and sent it, you must wait to see if your offer is accepted or not. If the offer is accepted, the contract will be ratified , and move on to the next stage.  

When the offer is agreed, a deposit called  Earnest Money  or  Escrow  is paid. It shows the home seller that you are serious about your offer, and in this way you prove to him how committed you are. This money is put into a trust account controlled by the broker in charge of the broker, escrow or title company. Until the purchase process is completed and the deal is completed and then closed, and after the deal is successfully closed, the amount is returned to the buyer (similar to a deposit in Arab countries). 



Fourth: The stage after signing and ratifying the contract, which is the home inspection period 

This is your chance as a buyer to make all the essential home inspections. 

Here, you must make sure that you write the home inspection period in agreement with your real estate agent before submitting an offer to purchase, as the period of examination of the buyers of the property begins upon acceptance of the contract directly, and ends as specified in the purchase contract. 

The typical inspection period is  14 days  as a minimum, and it starts immediately after accepting the contract, after which the buyer can do a professional home inspection, and buyers often use experts to check for a sum of money, and if there are some repairs in the property, any repairs can be negotiated between the buyer and seller . 

Examples of examination: 

  • A timber infestation (termite) inspection may be performed within the agreed 14-day period of the home inspection.
  • Paint can be inspected This type of inspection should also be carried out if required within the agreed time period. 
  • Also evaluation: It means conducting an evaluation of the property and verifying that it is worth the amount due, and the evaluation is carried out by the mortgage company. 


Fifth: Close the deal 

 In this process, you transfer the ownership of the property and the money, and also your real estate agent will be with you in this step to help you, and his mission ends with your advice on the exact way to close the deal, and also shows you the parties involved in this process. 

After closing the deal the next step is to move home. 

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